Bathford Link (registered charity number 1042822) was formed in 1994 to provide voluntary transport support to the residents of Bathford, all of whom are automatically members.

To request help:

Contact the co-ordinator on 07870 666 582 giving at least 24 hours notice of transport.

The most significant task is the transportation of clients to and from Batheaston Medical Centre, and local hospitals.

Transport is provided by using private cars of volunteers 

Bathford Link is managed by a committee of unpaid volunteers.
The service is free but donations are invited from clients e.g. Return Journey £1 Batheaston Surgery; £6 RUH, £12 Circle Bath Clinic

Bathford Link has also benefited from a number of generous donations from the local community, including bequests in recognition of help given.

Further details can be found here: Bathford Link Poster

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