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What is BEFA?

Bathford Enterprise for All (BEFA) Ltd is a community run members co-operative with over 200 members from the local community. BEFA’s first project is Bathford Village Shop. More information about the shop can be found on the Bathford Village Shop web page.

Recent Newsletters

Past newsletters can be downloaded here
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How does BEFA relate to Bathford Village Shop?

Whilst BEFA’s main focus at this stage is the running of Bathford Village Shop, its wider vision is community participation. It provides the legal structure for co-operatively organised community projects and enterprises and welcomes any suggestions or proposals to expand.
Any profits that may eventually arise from the Bathford Village Shop will be ploughed back into community projects.

How did it all get started?

When the local Post Office and Village Stores were in danger of closing a small group of local people started to look at the feasibility of taking over the running of the shop side of the business. Their first meeting was in Autumn 2004. A year later, with overwhelming local support, BEFA was established as an Industrial and Provident Society and constituted as a community co-operative with an elected volunteer Board of Directors. Finally in May 2006, Bathford Village Shop opened with a manager (Paul Faulkner) and a brigade of enthusiastic local volunteers.

Click here to see a picture of the Bathford Village Shop Grand Opening

Funding & Donations

In addition to overwhelming community support, BEFA received the following grants and donations that were, and continue to be, vital to the success of the project:

From the Esme Fairbairn Foundation we were awarded a substantial grant of £7000. We also received financial support from: The Co-operative Group as part of their Community Dividend initiative, Community Action, Bathford Parish Council as well as a number of anonymous private donors. We would like to thank all those who have supported the project in this way.

We also have received the following material donations: a vacuum cleaner from Dyson, all of our shelving, weighing scales and display fridge from The Co-operative Group and several ongoing donations from the local community. Again we would like to sincerely thank all those who have donated to the project.

If you would like to discuss a donation to BEFA please contact us via the link on the bottom of this page.

Joining BEFA.

You can join BEFA by paying a once-off £10 membership fee. Forms are available at the shop, or you can contact our membership secretary Diana Smith on (01225) 858964.

Why Join?

Membership not only shows a mark of support for the project, but also entitles you to a voice in how the co-operative is run. An AGM is held every year to which all members are invited. In time we hope to devise other ways of involving the members in BEFA.

How to Volunteer?

A happy surprise has been how rewarding volunteering in the shop has turned out to be. We are always welcoming new community volunteers to work in the shop or on the wider management committee. Even a few hours every now and then can make a great difference. Contact any member of the committee to talk it through.

Who’s Who?

BEFA. Directors
There are currently 6 directors of BEFA: Maureen Breeze (Chair), Simon Hodgson (Vice Chair) Jill Gigg (Treasurer), Jo Jolliffe (Fund raising), Helen Lees and Diana Smith(Joint secretaries).

Management Subcommittee
There are more in the wider management subcommittees who are involved currently – Margaret Gearty and Louise Daniels(Communications), Paul Daniels (Legal), Jeanette Kremer and Monica Stockwell(Finance), Martin Wright(Buildings) and many more who have been involved in the past whose contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Shop Volunteers
We have more than 25 active volunteer shop assistants who are essential in keeping the shop open for the hours that suit the majority of the community.

Further information

For external enquiries regarding the BEFA project please contact communications officers Louise Daniels (press) or Margaret Gearty (community) by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. We can pass any queries on to the relevant members of the committee.

Right click here and save for a copy of the BEFA model rule book

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