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Bathford Parish Council

Bathford Village Design Statement

Thursday, 23 March, 2017

Village Design Statement

What is a Village Design Statement?

We all agree that Bathford is unique, but what makes it special? Some features can be easily identified
as being part of the parish, but also a huge variety of details contribute to its unique quality.
All villages grow and evolve and what we see now in the Parish is probably very different from the shape
and form of the original settlement.
To appreciate how Bathford may evolve in the future it is important to consider how it has changed over
the years. Most changes are probably recent and many people feel that ‘change is always bad’ but this is
not always the case if it is carefully managed. In many ways Bathford must be able to change if it is to
stay ‘alive’.

Of course some aspects of the village are precious and must be preserved as a matter of course. Listed
Building Protection, Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area Status give statutory protection to
certain structures and landscape deemed worthy of special conservation.
The most important thing is that any future change needs to be managed to protect our local
distinctiveness from erosion.

This Village Design Statement describes the qualities and characteristics of Bathford that are appreciated
and valued by the residents and the purpose of the Village Design Statement is to help manage change
whether it be major development or small scale alterations.
The aim of this Village Design Statement is to raise awareness of what is special about Bathford so that
future changes can be carried out in harmony with the village setting both contributing to and, where
possible, enhancing the local environment.

The Village Design Statement, which has a wealth of detail on the Parish, has been approved and copies can be viewed in the Parish Office or available for sale to cover printing costs. As the full original document is 64 colour pages it was too large until now to place on the website but it has now been split into sections for ease of access.

The introduction covers the whole of the Parish of Bathford and then each area has its own more detailed report.

Introductory Statement - pp1-18 (5342Kb)

Ostlings Lane - pp19-21 (842Kb)
Bathford Hill and Village Green - pp22-25.pdf (1083Kb)
Church St and Pump Lane - pp26-29.pdf (518Kb)
Dovers Park and Mountain Wood - pp30-33.pdf (2132Kb)
High St and Prospect Place - pp34-37 (2851Kb)
Ashley Rd, Titan Barrow and New Rd - pp38-41 (2691Kb)
Garstons - pp42-43 (1669Kb)
Meadow Park and Box Rd - pp44-47 (2081Kb)
By Brook, Railway and Eastern Parish - pp48-51 (3880Kb)
Manor Drive area - pp52-54 (676Kb)
Shockerwick - pp55-57 (2549Kb)
Warleigh - pp58-60 (1341Kb)
Brownes Folly reserve - pp61-63 (3018Kb)